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Retail Support Services

At Indianapolis Fruit, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with superior service and taking the time to go the extra mile. That means more than consistently providing fresh, quality produce seven days a week. It means developing innovative, customized programs, and services to help our retailers excel in their challenging business environment. It means helping your store achieve maximum sales and profits. And it means...

Flexibility. Indianapolis Fruit understands business demands can create situations out of the ordinary. Whether it is doing a weekend special promotion, scheduling a special delivery, or participating in a local fundraiser we understand you have special needs and we are flexible enough to listen and execute for you!

Merchandising Support. Employees, managers and owners can all use a helping hand and we provide specialized assistance and training for your staff. We’ll evaluate your produce department and make recommendations on presentation, traffic flow and sanitation – all based on decades of experience in produce merchandising. We also provide a quarterly merchandising planner to help your stores capitalize on seasonal events and sales opportunities.

Customized Ordering. Yes, customized – to your unique customer demands. Your order form is designed to save you time with indexed listings and a separate page highlighting current week’s ad and price changes. We also offer customized delivery schedules to fit your needs and detailed invoicing.

Category Management. Accurate inventory management can greatly affect your bottom line. Indianapolis Fruit gives you the information you need to evaluate pricing and profit by commodity and accurately forecast and budget. We'll send recaps for store and company to your office weekly or monthly with accurate gross for store and company alongside accurate bought and sold analysis to aid in inventory management.

Training. From our Business Intelligence tools to our calendar of educational seminars, Indianapolis Fruit is invested in helping you and your staff succeed. We are also proud to offer Certified P.M.A. training for Produce Managers, Department Staff, and Store Managers.

Our retail support services are a proven success: Indianapolis Fruit will increase your produce sales by 10% the first year of business. (Data based off customers purchasing 85% or more from Indianapolis Fruit Co.). We are more than a produce supplier - we want to produce a fresh experience together.