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About IndyFruit

We started as a family-owned and operated business and are proud to remain one today. It's a tradition that started with Uncle Joe and is carried on today with our current owners Mike, Chris, Joe, Danny, and Pete. Founded in 1947, Indianapolis Fruit Company has grown to include a fleet of over 150 refrigerated trucks servicing over 14 states in the Midwest area, three facilities totaling over 200,000 square feet of warehouse space, and more than 500 years of produce experience.

In 1997, Indianapolis Fruit combined operations with another Indianapolis-based produce company, Piazza Produce. Today, sister companies work together to provide both the food service and retail industries with fruit, vegetables, dairy and floral products. Piazza Produce handles food service distribution while all retail distribution is done out of the Indianapolis Fruit facility.

Our mission? It's stated in our tagline: Produce a fresh experience together. This statement is our beacon as we focus on leading the market. It distinguishes our business from others. It makes it clear what we do everyday. It tells customers what we offer – why we are unique. It guides our actions, daily work and it directs management priorities and decisions.

The competitive pressure all around us requires that we continue differentiating based on variety, flexibility, service and our ability to help you, the Retailer, build sales and profitability. These initiatives will help all of us to offset and compete in a price-influenced environment via a strong value proposition.

When you work with Indianapolis Fruit you'll quickly find we are more than a produce/retail supplier, we're a family guided by core values:

Customer Focus... We make customers our first priority. We do whatever it takes.

Achievement... We aspire to the highest level of excellence in our products and services.

Expertise... We are experts in the industry and devote skill and knowledge to our customers' success.

Indianapolis Fruit Company is a family business built on relationships with our customers, coworkers, and vendors. If we are to succeed it will only work if we do it together. We invite you to give us a call and learn how our mission can positively impact your business.