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Indianapolis Fruit Company has had a long, rich history of partnering with small, unique family farms. Through these partnerships we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best tasting, local produce available. We continue to bring you a wide variety of fresh foods from the world's finest farms. Now, in addition to our myriad choices from around the globe, we offer you products exclusively from local producers. Let us make your department more labor efficient and profitable while successfully marketing local offerings.

When in season, locally grown offerings are a must. At Indianapolis Fruit we define "local" as those businesses within our delivery area. This includes the following Midwestern states: Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. You get the exceptional quality, taste and dependable delivery you've come to expect from Indianapolis Fruit.

Marketing your local offerings:

Merchandising farm photos and Meet the Grower bios matched with a specific display of the local product will increase sales and provide a niche category for your department.

Due to environmental, social, health and safety reasons, consumers are growing hungry for information on the produce they buy and, in turn, consume. Matching your produce offerings with the POS and POP materials discussing the origin of the item, nutritional information and possibly recipe ideas is a must for this growing number of informed customers. Through our locally grown program, we can offer Meet the Grower POS, POP materials and a schedule of availability.