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Fresh Pack Division

What is Fresh Pack?Indianapolis Fruit Company is a certified organic distributor, handler, and processor. This allows us to repack, sort, and deliver certified organic and conventional product to your store/warehouse in keeping with the USDA’s strict organic standards.

  • We will hand inspect each item to ensure that the quality, sizing and color of the product matches your standards and in turn provides uniformity to the retail set.
  • We will hand inspect each item to ensure that the product is stickered properly for labeling needs as well as providing labor and profitability assurances at the register.

Garden Organic and Garden Best Program:

Certified organic and conventional product over-wrapped, UPC coded and displayed on an eco-friendly, biodegradable tray.


  • Texwrap Automatic In-Line Sealer.
  • GTIN Ready.
  • Product Traceability.
  • HCAAP Facility Certified.
  • ICO Organic Facility Certified.
  • RPC Capabilities.
  • Custom Split Case Capabilities.
  • Single Wrap Sealed Products
  • Tray Pack, Clamshell Programs.
  • Bagged Citrus, Vegetable Capabilities.
  • ECO Tray Packed Organic Vegetable Program.
  • ECO Tray Packed Organic Fruit Program.
  • Organic Break Case Certified.

Click HERE to download the Fresh Pack Product Book - Spring - Summer 2016 Edition!