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Food Safety

Indianapolis Fruit Company is committed to the highest quality standards as we serve our customers and our community. Indianapolis Fruit receives unannounced regulatory inspections as well as being audited annually to the GFSI bench marked standard, SQF. We also have a fully-documented Food Safety Program focused on reducing food contamination during receiving, storage and shipment.

  • The moment the produce arrives it is inspected and then stored in climate-controlled areas specifically designed for the unique temperature, humidity and ethylene-level requirements of each item.
  • When products leave our facility they do so in trucks that are continuously monitored for the temperature of the load and we follow all HACCP guidelines.

Our food safety plan covers personal hygiene, sanitation, cold-chain management, facility maintenance, crisis management, food safety, recall plans, security and more. No food safety plan is one-size-fits-all and we understand the safety of the food you serve your customers is critical. Please contact us today and we'll be happy to answer your specific questions and share copies of our latest audit reports.